The Latest Legal News Straight To Your Ipod

If you like to get your information delivered straight into your earphones then Lawcasts could be for you. The podcasts feature daily news from the legal profession hosted by Charon QC.

They’re an alternative way of keeping up to date with commentary and analysis of current legal issues. The podcasts don’t seem to be available on itunes so you will have to go to the page to listen.

Enemy combatants and Guantanamo: “The case of Omar Khadr” discussed by Brunel Politics’ student Emily Cairnes

Omar Khadr was captured during the war in Afghanistan in 2002, suspected of throwing a grenade that fatally wounded American soldier Christopher Speer. At the time of his capture he was 15 years old. He confessed to the murder and has been detained at Guantanamo Bay (GMTO) ever since. However, he confessed after being subjected to physical torture and threatened with rape and death. He was held at GTMO for eight years before being charged with a murder that there is no evidence he committed. In fact, the war crime he was charged with is not a war crime at all, and the court he was tried in has been declared illegal twice by the US Supreme Court. After pleading guilty in October 2010, he received an eight year sentence. It is for these reasons that the case of Omar Khadr deserves our attention. Continue reading

Commercial Awareness advice from Deloitte

gleaned from a recent presentation by the College of Law.
•Keep up to-date with business issues- but pick an issue that interests you!
•Read quality newspapers and magazines- the business pages of the major broadsheet newspapers should cover most of the background that you need
•Use iGoogle as your homepage on your computer so you can add relevant RSS newsfeeds to make it even easier to keep up-to-date with the latest news i.e. BBC, Bloomberg
•Company/organisation websites provide more specific information about the organisation and its products/services. These allow useful comparisons to be made
•Follow the companies progress on Facebook and Twitter.
•Watch business related programmes- Working Lunch, The Money Programme, Dragon’s Den and even shows like The Apprentice do raise a number of business issues.
•Don’t forget- your own personal experience is important- societies, part-time jobs, summer internships- it all counts!

Introducing Your New Law Careers Consultant

Are you looking for one-to-one advice on your career options with your law degree?

Sarah Rourke, who joins us from The College of Law, is the latest Careers Consultant to join the Placement and Careers (PCC) team and will be looking after law students. So please do get in touch if you’d like to talk to her about any aspect of your career planning, from making applications to gaining work experience or just a general chat about career direction.

You can contact Sarah directly by email or call her on 01895 265756. Please include your mobile number in any messages or emails so that Sarah can call you to book you in for an appointment.

Future Lawyers Network

The Future Lawyers Network (FLN) is The College of Law’s online community for aspiring lawyers.  Membership is free and you will gain access to careers information, as well as topical legal news, features, polls and discussions.

Check out the 10 self-contained StEPs that should give you a foundation for preparing for a future as a successful modern lawyer.


More useful than Facebook?

In case you don’t believe me – don’t take my word for it; take a look at the excellent how-find-jobs-linkedin-graduates-and-students article written by Jorgen Sundberg, an expert in using social media!

This is a great networking site where you can look for a job or a new business opportunity and, on the Careers tab, you can gain an insight into the companies.  You’re also able to follow companies and view company profiles.

Joining Open Groups will allow you to find professionals with similar interests and participate in discussions – look at the Groups Directory to identify the ones which interest you.