Commercial Awareness advice from Deloitte

gleaned from a recent presentation by the College of Law.
•Keep up to-date with business issues- but pick an issue that interests you!
•Read quality newspapers and magazines- the business pages of the major broadsheet newspapers should cover most of the background that you need
•Use iGoogle as your homepage on your computer so you can add relevant RSS newsfeeds to make it even easier to keep up-to-date with the latest news i.e. BBC, Bloomberg
•Company/organisation websites provide more specific information about the organisation and its products/services. These allow useful comparisons to be made
•Follow the companies progress on Facebook and Twitter.
•Watch business related programmes- Working Lunch, The Money Programme, Dragon’s Den and even shows like The Apprentice do raise a number of business issues.
•Don’t forget- your own personal experience is important- societies, part-time jobs, summer internships- it all counts!

how to find out about law firms – shortcuts..

Dear Oracle…

How can I find out about law firms other than by looking at their websites, which I know won’t necessarily give me a particularly accurate impression?

The Oracle replies

As you have identified, when researching a law firm you need to look beyond its website, which is of course there primarily to market the business. Your first port of call should, naturally, be read the rest here…

Shortcuts! Make the most of the PCC!

This feature by The College of Law’s careers team manager Angela Smith on the site should give you some pointers on the help you can get from the Placement and Careers Service (1st Floor, Bannerman) all year round.

Do you dream of being a commercial lawyer? Intending to apply to City Firms? Reading this is strongly advised!

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