It’s Getting Tougher At The Bar….

It’s been in the pipeline for a while now but last week it became compulsory for those wishing to undertake the BPTC this September to sit an aptitude test before they’re accepted on to the course.

Check out legal blog Roll on Friday’s take on this for more information…


Using Social Media?

There is much to be said about using social media as a tool to help you find work, especially in the ‘hidden jobs market’, that mysterious hinterland where a huge percentage of all graduate jobs are not advertised…

You might think that’s all very well for budding journalists or marketers, who need to be able to demonstrate their proficiency in the very media they will most likely have to use in their daily role but what about those for whom social media isn’t as apparently necessary in their profession?

Krishnan Nair was an LPC graduate who was trying (and failing) to get noticed by recruiters. Then he remembered he’d started a blog a little while back….. Read Krishnan’s story here, which tells you how he went from an unemployed LPC grad to a writer for Mulberry Finch.

Enemy combatants and Guantanamo: “The case of Omar Khadr” discussed by Brunel Politics’ student Emily Cairnes

Omar Khadr was captured during the war in Afghanistan in 2002, suspected of throwing a grenade that fatally wounded American soldier Christopher Speer. At the time of his capture he was 15 years old. He confessed to the murder and has been detained at Guantanamo Bay (GMTO) ever since. However, he confessed after being subjected to physical torture and threatened with rape and death. He was held at GTMO for eight years before being charged with a murder that there is no evidence he committed. In fact, the war crime he was charged with is not a war crime at all, and the court he was tried in has been declared illegal twice by the US Supreme Court. After pleading guilty in October 2010, he received an eight year sentence. It is for these reasons that the case of Omar Khadr deserves our attention. Continue reading

Looking To Plug The BPTC Cash Gap?


The four Inns of Court have around £4.5 million between them to distribute as scholarships to BPTC students and obtaining one of these not only lightens the financial load of paying for your education but can also work wonders for your CV.

In this post from the Legal Cheek blog successful scholarship applicant Jack Harris shares with you just how to get yourself a piece of this funding pie….

UKSC Blog Essay competition

The UKSC blog covers developments in the UK Supreme Court, and it is run jointly be editors from Olswang LLP and Matrix Chambers.

How to enter the Essay competition:
Submit your answer to one of these questions:

  1. What has been the most imprtant Supreme Court case to date and why?
  2. Is the Supreme Court independent?

to by 5:00pm on Monday 27 February 2012

Find out more:
Visit where you can see the rules.

The prizes:
First prize:  A week’s work experience at Olswang LLP in March 2012 and publication of your essay on the UKSC Blog.
Runners Up:  Selected essays will be published on the UKSC Blog.