Networking With The Recruiters

Kaplan Law School, providers of the LPC and BPTC run a series of workshops and events, ranging from talks on Family Law to a presentation on a day in the life at Bird and Bird.

In their own words, they say:

From a careers perspective, we cultivate valuable relationships with law firms and chambers. Many of these firms and chambers visit the school to deliver excellent workshops to our students, enhancing their understanding of key concepts and developing skills that are sought out in the training contract and pupillage recruitment processes. Most importantly it gives our students the opportunity to make a positive first impression on graduate recruiters. Therefore, we run a full and active careers programme which is open to prospective students as well as existing students. This is an excellent way for you to learn more about us as well as the profession. 

Follow the link to register for any of the workshops.

Make sure that when you attend you dress smartly, have a notebook and pen handy and are ready to ask intellegent questions. Put your best self forward every time you meet potential employers; you never know who will be there that you might impress!

Legal Work Experience: Pro Bono Opportunities

A well-rounded candidate wishing to enter the legal profession needs to have a balance of three key areas in order to attract the attention of the recruiters. Ideally you’ll be able to show excellent academics, have legal work experience and be able to demonstrate you have outside interests and activities.

Let’s focus for a moment on the legal work experience. Many of my students feel that there are just two options for getting this experience: either a vacation scheme at a top city firm or a couple of weeks shadowing at a local high street firm.

Having not made the cut onto the vacation schemes (January deadlines for a start the following summer!) students often find themselves traipsing around their local high street, handing out CVs to local firms who may or may not need a helping hand for a week during the holidays and this high street traipse often bears no fruit.

This is not the only way to gain solid work experience. Law Works is a pro bono charity which connects those who need legal advice but can’t afford to pay for it with those who can offer the advice on a no-cost basis.

The term ‘pro-bono’, by the way, comes from the Latin ‘pro bono publico’, meaning ‘for the public good’ and applies to any professional service which is offered for free to those in need.

Law Works provides opportunities for students to get some valuable (and well respected) work experience. Take a look at their latest opportunities.

Government Legal Services Trainee Scheme Now Open

If you’re looking to pursue your law career within the government then this will be of interest to you. There are both solicitor and barrister roles available and the deadline is 31st July. It’s aimed at those who are in at least the penultimate year of their law degree (or the final year of a non-law degree). Please do get in touch if I can give you any help with the application process.  Click on the picture below for further information (application is not through Brunel).


Looking To Plug The BPTC Cash Gap?


The four Inns of Court have around £4.5 million between them to distribute as scholarships to BPTC students and obtaining one of these not only lightens the financial load of paying for your education but can also work wonders for your CV.

In this post from the Legal Cheek blog successful scholarship applicant Jack Harris shares with you just how to get yourself a piece of this funding pie….