I don’t want to be a solicitor or barrister: what now?

It’s not at all unusual for those with a law degree to decide not to pursue the routes of either solicitor or barrister. So what can you do with a law degree if you make the decision to deviate from the most obvious career choices?

All About Careers has published a tool to help you explore the opportunities out there. Please do be aware that the career test at the top of the page may not actually be that much use to you. It’s quite time consuming and it could confuse rather than help you. If you really don’t know what suits you then a long appointment with me might be more useful.

For those who are looking to for a career that is closely related to law the section on Occupations has some excellent information. For those who don’t want to pursue a law-related field then the graduate jobs market is pretty wide open. Lots of roles available are advertised as non-degree specific and the Sectors section of the All About Careers tool is helpful in showing other sectors your law degree can take you into. A word of caution though; if you’re looking to go into teaching, the information here is too generic. It might be worth talking to me about this as going into teaching with a law degree can be a little more complicated than it first seems.

Law Related Careers: Prison Service Graduate Programme

Not everyone who studies for a law degree will want to become a solicitor or a barrister. Many law students instead choose to work in either an area which is totally unrelated to their degree or one where a law degree may be more relevant.

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) is an agency of the Ministry of Justice. Their aim is to protect the public and reduce the risk of re-offending by managing offenders effectively, both in prison and out in the community.

Today sees the opening of their graduate leadership programme (closing date 23rd November). This is a fantastic opportunity to go from Prison Officer to a management role in the prison service.

So if you’re looking for a role which serves the community, is challenging, interesting and allows you to develop leadership skills, take a look at the below link for further information.


Using Social Media?

There is much to be said about using social media as a tool to help you find work, especially in the ‘hidden jobs market’, that mysterious hinterland where a huge percentage of all graduate jobs are not advertised…

You might think that’s all very well for budding journalists or marketers, who need to be able to demonstrate their proficiency in the very media they will most likely have to use in their daily role but what about those for whom social media isn’t as apparently necessary in their profession?

Krishnan Nair was an LPC graduate who was trying (and failing) to get noticed by recruiters. Then he remembered he’d started a blog a little while back….. Read Krishnan’s story here, which tells you how he went from an unemployed LPC grad to a writer for Mulberry Finch.

Skills For Justice: It’s Not All About Solicitors and Barristers

Working in the legal field isn’t always about being a solicitor or a barrister. You may have already decided that, despite studying a law degree, you don’t want to go down either of these routes but you would like to work in the law in some other way.

If this applies to you, take a look at the Skills For Justice website. Their careers section provides some excellent information on what it’s like working as a court reporter, or in the probation service or even as a prison officer, to name a few.

There are videos such as this one, which looks in depth at the role of a court clerk.

Interested In Commercial Law?

If you’re interested in a career in commercial law, it is always of interest to recruiters to see candidates who have  strong commercial awareness.

You can develop your commercial awareness by undertaking work experience in other business areas, such as banking, which helps you gain a wider understanding of the business world.

Female first year students are being offered an opportunity to find out what it’s like to work in the City first hand by attending the Freshlook insight day on Wednesday 11th July. You  have to register for the event by sending in a CV and short paragraph stating why you would like to attend (closing date is 6th July but the earlier you get your place the better).

This is also a great opportunity to come in and meet me, now that your exams are over, so that you can get your CV checked and updated before term starts again in September. If you’ve already gone home for summer vacation, email me sarah.rourke@brunel.ac.uk as there are other ways I can help you remotely.

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