Awful Emailing Etiquette

No matter how much time you spend polishing your job applications, tweaking your CV and practising interviews, one bad email can ruin everything. Whilst it’s no bad thing to follow up with people you meet at networking events by email, make sure that your approach is always polite and professional. The following email (originally posted on BroBible) is a lesson in how not to email a recruiter. If you want to find out more about how to email recruiters professionally and politely (I’ll give you a clue: most professional emails don’t start with the word ‘Hey’) go to Blackboard Learn, look under Organisations and you’ll see Law Careers Resources. There’s a section on writing professional emails in there.

Subject: Question


We talked a couple weeks back at the UW-Milwaukee accounting night. (I was the one looking for equity research positions and had a zit on my lip that could have passed for a cold sore. Lol. Whew. It was not. You’re probably like, “uh.. What?” Maybe that helps you recall, maybe not. Not completely important, I suppose.

Anyways, if you have a chance here is my question: (background first) I interviewed with BDO and Baker Tilly today, two firms that seem like good places to work, I believe they don’t kill you like a big 4. Tomorrow I have an interview with Deloitte :O somewhere I thought I’ve always wanted to work. Obviously I don’t have an offer so this is all hypothetical thinking, but if I get the job, the reality of the situation is that I’m getting old. 25. I know you can’t force love and I know it just comes when you’re not looking, but would working for a big four completely squash any possibilities for potential relationships if one came along? Is working for a big four a potential career – love trade off? I mean, I like money(as do most females) but love is…great 🙂 What are your thoughts?



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