I am sooo over law!

My professional code of ethics prevents me from discussing the exact content of my meetings with students who I work with but I can report that I hear various versions of the sentiment, ‘I don’t want to be a lawyer, get me out of here’.

Whilst some people really enjoy studying for a law degree, it’s very often the case that they realise early on that they want to become neither a solicitor nor a barrister. Nor in fact do they want to work in any other area of law. So I’m often asked the question, ‘What can I do with my law degree?’.

The short answer is any job that is non-specific in its degree subject requirements. You can recognise these job ads as they say such things as ‘We require a candidate with a 2:1 in any discipline’. That includes law students. The law degree gives you the ability to think critically and analytically, to research, to hone your English writing skills and your ability to construct an argument. Through mooting and debating you can develop communication and team working skills; all of which are valued by employers.

Then there are the job roles that would be particularly suited to someone who has studied a law degree but doesn’t want to go into more ‘traditional’ roles.

This page from The Law Society gives you a starting point to consider alternatives. An appointment with me might help you clarify that futher. Just email me sarahdotrourke@brunel.ac.uk for help (I’m here right through summer).

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