The social media minefield….

There is no escaping social media. It’s definitely a case of ‘you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ when it comes to having an online presence.

If a potential future employer were to google you (and they routinely do this as part of their recruitment process) and you had no social media presence whatsoever then it might raise some eyebrows.

Having a social media presence does bring with it some personal responsibility in terms of making sure you manage your own publicity. What are you saying online and about whom? Is it something you wouldn’t mind an employer seeing? Is it something that would stand up in a court of law if it came to that?

Check out this must-see video to find out why you don’t want to end up like former law student Joshua Cryer….

You’ll need to log in to BBL before you click on the picture below then navigate to ‘Social Media’ in the left hand side menu.


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