Still here to help

Whilst I don’t want to make you sad about your time at Brunel coming to an end very soon I did want to remind you that you can still keep in touch with me so that I can help you get a job even after you leave.

All Brunel students are entitled to use the Placement and Careers Centre for up to two years after you graduate so if you have been concentrating on your studies up until now then all is not lost, you can start working with your Careers Consultant even after you’ve graduated. And we’re here right the way through summer.

What if I’m moving away from campus?

Not to worry, you can have an appointment with me by either Skype, Facetime or phone or I can check CVs and applications electronically via the magic of screencast technology (it’s not really magic, it’s just very cool technology that lets me talk to you even if you’re not there!).

How do I make an appointment?

Just let me know by email (sarah dot rourke @ when you’d like an appointment and I’ll set that up with you.

What if I don’t want careers advice directly after graduating?

You can come to me at any point within two years of graduating. Either way, I’ll be sending out emails via an exclusive mailing list for this year’s law graduates. This won’t be very often; just when I get a good job opportunity for you or to remind you about how I can help you in other ways. If you want to be included on this list then drop me an email at the email address above letting me know your home email address (or your mybrunel one if you use it regularly).

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