What’s in the news?

stick_figure_reading_newspaper_500_clr_5142A common question at a legal interview (or any other business-related interview for that matter) is ‘What news stories are of interest to you at the moment?’. Or you might even be asked something more specific such as, ‘What do you think about the press regulation deal that’s recently been struck?’.

Don’t be caught out at this stage in the interview by being completely unprepared. Recruiters would expect a law student to be aware of current affairs, particularly those which have a legal angle so having nothing to say at this point is interview hari-kiri.

Knowing about current affairs and having an opinion on them is something that needs attention from now, wherever your current knowledge of what’s going on in the world currently stands. Try to make it a habit to listen, watch or read the news at least once a day and try to think about the stories from an analytical point of view.

What are the issues surrounding this story? Who are the main players? Who else is affected by this story? If it’s a business related story, how will the issue affect businesses/a particular sector/the wider economy?

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