Assessment Centre Magic!

I was recently lucky enough to be allowed an insight into the College of Law’s new mock assessment centre half day workshop, Suit Camp, which took place at the Guildford centre last Friday. I urge you, if you read this blog, to go along to one of these days; it was a fantastic experience.

Students from various universities came along (all in suits, looking very smart) to participate in a series of sessions which simulated what they might face at an assessment centre. That said, I think some of the sessions that were run that day would be equally useful for interview only situations too.

A stand out part of the afternoon for me was the workshop on commercial awareness. There wasn’t a PowerPoint slide to be seen as groups of students got stuck into the task of assuming the role of a law firm taking part in a ‘beauty parade’ i.e. pitching for business against other firms to win a potential new client. The ‘firms’ had to assess the facts and figures about a merger deal and then present their ideas on increasing profitability and cutting costs to the client. Participants learnt how to scrutinise the commercial aspects of a deal and how to pick out relevant facts to be able to guide their client not only from a legal perspective but also from a business point of view.

Students were also able to polish their presentation skills in a really friendly environment and got some excellent feedback from College of Law tutors, all former legal practitioners.

There was also an in-tray exercise to test attention to detail as well as a lively and fun speed interviewing session, followed by a great session on interview skills by one of the College of Law Guildford’s Careers Consultants.

The good news is that there are still two events that you could attend, both in London. The Bloomsbury centre is running theirs on Wednesday 20th February and the Moorgate centre’s is on Thursday 14th March. Follow this link to register – but do it quickly before all the places fill up!

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