Do you want me to see you in your pants?

I have to start by saying I don’t want to see you in your pants, really I don’t but if you leave your facebook profile wide open who knows what I might find….

The point I’m trying to make is, when you’ve spent 3 days writing a vac scheme application do you want the recruiter to skip straight to facebook and find you, jaegerbomb in hand astride a bucking broncho wearing a bikini?

Granted, besides your academic ability, legal work experience and extra curricular activities recruiters want interesting and fun people in their firms and sets. The thing is, a large majority of them won’t appreciate the photographic evidence and it’s fairly safe to say that neither will their clients.

When did you last review your facebook page? When did you last make sure that your privacy settings were watertight? Share anything you like with your fb friends but please don’t scupper your chances of the career you want because you’ve neglected to make a few tweaks to your fb profile.

Rant (pant) over.

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