I don’t want to be a solicitor or barrister: what now?

It’s not at all unusual for those with a law degree to decide not to pursue the routes of either solicitor or barrister. So what can you do with a law degree if you make the decision to deviate from the most obvious career choices?

All About Careers has published a tool to help you explore the opportunities out there. Please do be aware that the career test at the top of the page may not actually be that much use to you. It’s quite time consuming and it could confuse rather than help you. If you really don’t know what suits you then a long appointment with me might be more useful.

For those who are looking to for a career that is closely related to law the section on Occupations has some excellent information. For those who don’t want to pursue a law-related field then the graduate jobs market is pretty wide open. Lots of roles available are advertised as non-degree specific and the Sectors section of the All About Careers tool is helpful in showing other sectors your law degree can take you into. A word of caution though; if you’re looking to go into teaching, the information here is too generic. It might be worth talking to me about this as going into teaching with a law degree can be a little more complicated than it first seems.

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