Gaining Legal Work Experience: Pro Bono

In my last post I talked about how you can get legal work experience by approaching law firms and Chambers directly.

You can also strengthen your legal work experience by carrying out pro bono work and there are various options to do this.

Brunel Law School has an opportunity to get involved in pro bono work with David Rosen, who is Head of Litigation at Darlingtons Solicitors and visiting Associate Professor here at Brunel. Contact Paul Richards in the UG office for more information.

You could also apply to carry out work experience with a Citizens Advice Bureau (and potentially get six months off a training contract!). Here’s a previous post from Alison Taylor, the Law Placement Officer here at the PCC for more information about that.

Then there’s Law Works, another charity which connects those who are in need of legal advice but cannot pay for it with those who can offer legal advice for free. Again, take a look at a previous post of mine for more information.

And for Level 3, CPE, LLM students and graduates, there are opportunites with the Free Representation Unit. Guess what? There’s a previous post about it!

And, if that’s not enough for you to get on with, here are a couple of other links to places where you can find pro bono opportunities:

I think that covers it for now….


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