Gaining Legal Work Experience: Speculative Applications

If you’ve attended any of my induction talks you’ll already be aware of how important it is to start building legal work experience and my last post talked about one way of doing this, which is to carry out a vacation placement.

But what if you’re struggling to get onto a vacation scheme? Or you want work experience in a firm that doesn’t advertise opportunities?

You have a number of options; this post will talk about the speculative approach. This is where you contact law firms directly, to ask if they can provide you with a week or two week’s work experience during the summer. This is called a speculative application and it’s up to you to research the firms and select those you’d like to approach. It’s often a good approach to take with smaller firms such as those found on your local High Street.

If you plan to go down this route then you might be advised to watch the video tutorials I’ve made for you in Blackboard Learn. They can be found in the Law Careers Resources section. In particular click on the the two videos below, which are in the CVs and Applications section:

It’s often the same story with Chambers; not all Chambers advertise mini-pupillage opportunities so you may have to take a speculative approach to this too.

Watch the video tutorial below for more information on how to do that.

Don’t forget that once you’ve written letters and CVs you can bring them to me to look over for feedback before you present them to potential employers.

Just drop me an email sarah.rourke @ to request an appointment or you can come to Quick Queries and see me there.

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