Training Contract Deadlines

If you’re a second or final year student this is just a reminder of the pending training contract application deadlines.

For the majority of training contract deadlines that still remain the closing date is 31st July.

Search for roles at

When you are researching the firms you want to apply to consider the following as a minimum starting point:

  • Which area(s) of law am I interested in?
  • Where do I want to be located?
  • What size firm do I want to work for?

Check you have the relevant qualifications as some firms are very strict on applicants meeting the minimum criteria. Then research each of your selected firms thoroughly before you even begin to make the application. They will want to see that you’ve selected them for a reason and your reasons must be strong and well thought out. What is the culture of the firm like? What types of clients do they have? Have you thought about the type of training? What are the retention rates for trainees? What do current trainees say about the firm? What does Chambers Student say?

The more you research the answers to these questions the more convincing you will be when you answer the key question Why Us?


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