Training Contract Master Class: College of Law Returns to Brunel

With dissertation deadlines and exams looming getting a job may be the last thing on your mind but if you know you’re taking the solicitor route then at some point you’ll need to join the competition to get a training contract.

As a direct result of Brunel Law School students’ outstanding attendance at and participation in the the previous master class delivered by our guest lecturer from College of Law, they’ve agreed to come back to deliver an exclusive second master class on how to get that training contract.

Bridget Lanvin, a former solicitor who has also worked in legal recruitment and now advises students on employability at College of Law, Bloomsbury will be showing you the nitty gritty on how plan your strategy for getting a training contract. She’ll be giving you insider knowledge on planning, researching, answering those tricky questions as well as giving you a multitude of other tips that will make you stand out from the crowd. This is gold dust; if anyone knows what she’s talking about it’s Bridget.

She’ll also be talking you through what you need to do to make an outstanding LPC application to get a place at law school after your undergraduate studies.

So if you want to blend in with the other thousands of students coming out of law school and competing for training contracts, it’s best to stay away…. If you want this class to make a massive difference to your career planning send me an email as soon as possible to to reserve one of the limited places. It’s on Wednesday 28th March in LC ‘B’ from 2-4pm.  Competition to get your name on this list will be fierce as it’s open to all levels (Level 1 students, it’s never too early to start your strategic planning). I don’t want you to miss out so please act quickly!

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