This is an excellent blog to follow if you’re looking to be called to the Bar.

Pupillage and How to Get It

One of the things about having a search function is that it reveals what you haven’t written about, as well as what you have. I was surprised to find that I hadn’t covered this topic and I thought it might be useful if I did. I know that you all want to be barristers, but there is nothing wrong with articulating the reasons why – it often clarifies thinking and sheds new light on decisions yet to be made. It is also important because in recent years many of the city firms have recruited on the basis that you can join them and do nothing but advocacy.

Of course, for every advantage there tends to be a disadvantage and it is sensible to take those disadvantages into account when deciding on career paths. So, in no particular order I have listed below the factors that make the Bar appealing in…

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