Social Media and Your Legal Career

Following on from my earlier post about how blogging can help you to get your name known to legal employers I wanted to let you know about a social networking site aimed exclusively at the legal profession.

Defero Law is the brainchild of Richard Pettet, who, after working for Chambers & Partners for over 10 years decided to set up a site to help his1500-strong network of legal professionals from the UK and abroad to interact with each other online.

The site is full of up to the minute content as members are encouraged to blog about topical issues relating to the law field and, as a member, you can comment on the blogs of others and write your own posts.

Not only that but you can use the site to help you to research firms and particular solicitors or barristers who you might be interested in working with and you could, over time, build some valuable contacts.

Some dos and don’ts of using Defero Law:

  • This is not Facebook so you should be polite and professional at all times, remembering that legal recruiters will see how you interact with others.
  • Make sure to have a clear, professional profile picture (it’s fine if you’re smiling in it!).
  • If you comment on other people’s blog posts, be constructive rather than critical. Make intelligent comment where you can.
  • If you write your own blog posts make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect before you hit submit. You are on display every time you publish to the internet so take time to ensure what you write is fit to be seen.
  • Don’t forget that you’re a representative of your university and blogging and commenting means you are in the public eye; make us proud!

I spoke to Richard last week and he told me he’d be delighted for you to set up a profile and start using the site. If you need any help with this, come and see me for a Quick Query to ask me any questions you have.

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