Six figure salary? Advising at Board level?

Would you like a career with big earning potential and the opportunity to advise at Board/Director/Senior Manager level? Do you like corporate law, finance, and corporate governance? You might want to consider the ICSA qualification – many law graduates do.

It’s the qualification to become a Chartered Secretary – it’s a PA role, right? Wrong! A Chartered Secretary is not a PA or a typist. Far from it! Think Home Secretary or Secretary General of the UN. It’s a very wide ranging, senior level job where you advise senior staff on core legislative issues relating to the organisation.

Take a look at the ICSA you tube link where Chris Taylor, Deputy Company Secretary at BSkyB Group PLC and Lola Emetulu, (solicitor) and Deputy Company Secretary at Reckitt Benckiser Group plc discuss their roles, day-to-day tasks and the skills required to work as a Chartered Secretary. Or take a look at the icsaglobal website

2 thoughts on “Six figure salary? Advising at Board level?

    • Hello and thanks for your question. This is neither a placement nor summmer opportunity, as such, I’m afraid! This post is to promote the role of a Company Secretary which is a graduate level job. See the ICSA website for more details.

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