Interested in a career in human rights? Take a look at this…

I’ve just been talking to Dimitrios in the Law School about interesting new developments on the LLM in International Human Rights and the LLM in International & Comparative Criminal Justice courses.

Postgraduate students at BLS now have the opportunity to study counter-terrorism from a comparative perspective, concentrating on controversial issues such as the use of evidence obtained by torture, detention without trial, extraordinary renditions, warrantless surveillance, deportation of suspected terrorists and the use of ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques.The Comparative Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights module aims to provide students with an understanding of national approaches to counter-terrorism and their consequences for human rights, through the comparison of counter-terrorism legislation and policies adopted by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and India after September 11, and through an examination of Jihad and terrorism from the point of view of Islamic law. The module also aims to allow students to schematise and critically analyse the post 9/11 responses of international criminal law to terrorism.

Extensive use of the comparative method is not the only distinctive feature of this module. Other particularly innovative features include the assessment of student participation in seminars and continuous interaction of students and staff in extra-curricular settings, such as reading group sessions, film screenings and research centre events. For example, students in this course have recently attended a screening of the film ‘The Battle of Algiers’ and participated in the post-screening discussion, reflecting on various events resonating with current debates about counter-terrorism. Students in this course are also currently engaged with the construction of an electronic archive containing links to webpages of relevance to comparative counter-terrorism.Comparative Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights is a compulsory module for students taking the LLM in International & Comparative Criminal Justice and an optional module for students taking either the LLM in International Human Rights or the General LLM.

If you want to learn more about this module or the above LLM programmes, you may contact Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos at

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