The Ilex Route To A Legal Career

Following on from our previous post about the ILEX route into a legal career, here’s some information that might help answer the question, “If I take the Ilex route, which comes first, employment or training?”.

The question as to whether or not to find employment or start studying for the Ilex qualification first is a tricky one. It does often depend on the particular firm’s policy on ILEX as well as the individual candidate’s situation.

However, in order to progress in your legal career through the ILEX route you would have to have qualifying employment. So, it might be that you find a job as a paralegal and undertake study for your ILEX qualification alongside this employment.

As a law graduate you can take the Graduate Fast Track programme, which consists of just 3 practice units and this can be done part-time either by attending night school or by taking a distance learning course.

Once you pass your exams you would become a graduate member of ILEX.

Then after 5 further years of qualifying employment you would become a Fellow of ILEX, after which you can go on to qualify as a Solicitor.

For more detailed information, take a look at the Graduate Fast Track programme on the ILEX website.

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