Disappointing exam results?

Thinking about applying for training contracts? Were your exam results disappointing? We often hear from students who don’t have the 1st or 2:1 result so many law employers are looking for. Brunel students and gradautes – you can contact Jane (jane.standley@brunel.ac.uk) the Law Careers Consultant, directly for individual advice. Here’s what Jane says in the first instance..

“Firms will judge you on what you’ve done to date. If your results so far aren’t what you expect to achieve in the future, there’s a definite argument for delaying your training contract applications for the time being.   When you have more work experience under your belt (and also hopefully improve your grades in your final year if you’re currently in your second year), you will have a lot more to offer firms.  Why not spend the time you’ve saved from making applications this year finding out all you can about different areas of law – e.g. going to court and asking to talk to people, or workshadowing different areas so that when you do come to make applications they are as well researched as possible. The same applies if you fall short on A level grades for the firms you’d like to apply for – but you expect to be able to compensate with an outstanding degree result (a first or 2:1). It’s always worth a phone call to the recruiters to see what they advise. You can promote the positive things about what you have to offer at the same time. It’s disheartening to spend ages on a written application and have it immediately rejected because on paper you  don’t meet their normal requirements.”

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